Athens DanceSport Open Competition

Rules – Definitions

1. The participants in 3dance and 5 Dance Latin & Standard categories not permitted
to participate also in categories one dance except from one dance Salsa, Arg.Tango,
2. The participants in Professional Latin & Standard categories not permitted to
participate also in one dance categories. The only exception is T/S Categories
3. The participants can participate also in 2 older categories up (example the
participants in one dance ccc junior I, can also participate in one dance CCC Junior II
and in one dance CCC Youth I).
4. The participants in categories Juvenile, Junior, Youth couples or teams or solos
must have an official document to prove their age. Also one group category can have
in the team only one person older age category. If the participants in one group are 2
in order category automatically the team change and it is going to participate in
order group category (example if one team wants to participate in All Ladies junior I
and this team has 2 participants that belongs to Junior II, according with their age,
automatically the team is going to participate in All Ladies Junior II and not in All
Ladies Junior I).
5. In case that one group in any category has at list 2 teacher participants,
automatically the team is going to participate in the additional Professional
6. In Solo Oriental categories (all age categories) not permitted costumes with
accessories (vails, canes etc.).
7. Accessories permitted to use all the group categories.
8. The minimum number of participants in group categories is 4.
9. The duration of music in group categories is 3 minutes maximum. There will be a
tolerance in the maximum duration only till 20 seconds, if the duration exceed this
specific limit , then the music is going to stop automatically.
The teams prepare their music and must be 75% of the category’s flavor that they’re
going to participate. The music must be in CD format or in USB stick and the manager
of the team must give it to the dj 2 hours before the time that category is going to
start. The teams it’s good to have a second CD with their music in case of any
The duration of music in Solo categories is 2 minutes. The selection of music is made
by the organization and published in the official website of the competition one
month before the competition, optionally, for practice.
The duration of music in DUO categories is maximum 2 minutes, the music is given from the organization and accessories are permitted.
10. The organizers are not responsible in case of any loss of personal belongings
inside and outside of the competition hall.